Hi, I’m Amy—an artist, a writer, a lover of letterpress, holding a new book, and living brave. Having grown up in New Zealand, I now call Northern California home, where I live out my love for modern calligraphy, letterpress, and all things paper and ink.

After a background in commercial graphic design, I became enthralled by the art of printmaking—something tactile, full of textures and smells and movement that took me away from the screen and returned me to thinking with my hands. There is something much more tangible and engaging about the subtle nuances of ink pressed into paper.

I use my love of modern calligraphy and hand lettering to create custom scripts and typography that can then be translated into plates and letterpress designs. Hand illustrations and watercolor accents make each piece unique.

Beyond the press, I love fountain pens, geek out on the work of Brene Brown, think Anne Lamott and Shauna Niequist are some of the most gorgeous writers, and have a small obsession with coffee mugs. I think life’s most beautiful things include eating out of noodle boxes and reading aloud with dear friends. I’m always looking to find just a little bit more beauty, wherever I am.